Women uses Nanny cam to check on her dog – what she actually sees is chilling

Using a safety camera in your household is not uncommon these days, as they’re extremely useful for checking in on loved ones – particularly children and babies. You can buy inexpensive “Nanny cams” and link them to your portable devices, so no matter where you are, you can have eyes on someone you care about and ensure they’re safe.

But sometimes, whoever needs looking after isn’t necessarily human! These cameras have also proved extremely useful in keeping a beloved family pet safe or out of mischief. As is the case with Sandie, who is the proud owner of Amber, a 14-year-old chocolate Labrador. Amber has kidney failure but still with a quality of life, and so Sandie keeps a watchful eye on her four-legged friend using a “doggy cam” while she’s at work. He son bought her the device for Christmas, and since then it’s proved invaluable for Amber and Sadie’s peace of mind.

However, it was all going smoothly until one particular day when Sandie logged on to check on her pup and discovered an extremely shocking image instead. Where she should have seen a video feed of Amber sleeping soundly on the couch, she saw the image of a sleeping baby girl. At first, she thought she was seeing things and did the tried and tested method of turning the device off and on again. But it was still there – the chilling picture of a girl sleeping in a cot.

After contacting the camera manufactural and the local news, Sandie was still no closer to understanding what had actually happened. Vivitar, the company who makes the device, has apologized for the error and have a team of experts attempting to figure out what caused this shocking turn of events. They also sent Sandie four, complimentary replacement cameras.

But that doesn’t excuse the fact that this sort of error could take place. Somehow a feed from another video has switched with Sandie’s – and she’s ended up seeing the image of a sleeping baby. For parents who own such cameras – the knowledge that this can happen and someone out there could be watching your family, pets or property should be a serious cause for concern.

Answers most certainly need to be found – but while the manufacturer gets to the bottom of this strange and frightening occurrence, camera owners should be vigilant and report any such malfunction. Watch and share the video to spread the word.