Women’s Choir Performs Marc Anthony’ Salsa Hit “Vivir Mi Vida” and We Can’t Get Enough!

There’s no imagining just how good BYU Noteworthy has managed to make their recreation of this classic Marc Anthony track from his first salsa album in a decade. The upbeat arrangement is wonderfully showcased by the beautiful harmony of this sensation collegiate vocal group.

Whether you know Spanish or not, this version is enough to make anyone happy. You don’t need to know its meaning in language to understand that it’s a song about living life to its fullest – something these nine stars are clearly doing if their voice talent & harmony is anything to go by.

You’ll be clapping along as they sing a song that’s totally transformed from a Latin pop megahit to an acapella that’d make the original artist proud. BYU Noteworthy has done a wonderful job of conveying the core energy & the spirit of ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ in both words, beat, feeling, and flow. Don’t miss this amazing rendition.

Women\'s Choir Performs Marc Anthony\' Salsa Hit “Vivir Mi Vida” and We Can\'t Get Enough!