‘Women’s History Month’ featuring Carol Burnett honoring Betty White

To celebrate ‘Women’s History Month,’ Shout Factory and The Carol Burnett Show have posted videos in tribute to the great women in show business. They honored Betty White, and Carol did the narration.

Carol recalls her own history-making show. In the beginning, there is a quote from Carol herself, saying, “I didn’t set out to make history, but I was lucky enough to be the first woman on television to host her own comedy variety show.”

Carol talks about the importance of women’s history month and says many women who changed history were on her show. One of those special guests was the incomparable Betty White.

Carol says, “Way back when, if you told me Betty White would still be working after 80 years in Hollywood, I would’ve said, of course.” Betty’s career spanned over seven decades.

She talks about how Betty was a pioneer and produced her own sitcom in the ’50s. Carol explains that producing was something women didn’t do back then. She praises Betty for all her roles, and Carol says she is a legend in her book.

Carol said Betty was one of her favorite recurring cast members in the skit ‘The Family.’ Betty played the role of ‘Ellen,’ Eunice’s big sister. Carol played ‘Eunice’ and described the on-screen sister relationship as love-hate, heavy on the hate!

In one scene, Betty’s ‘Ellen’ says to ‘Eunice,’ “Maybe I’m prettier!’ It was that type of interaction in every scene. Carol noted that Betty said, “Her sense of humor keeps her young.” Carol says, “That’s one thing her and I will never argue about.”

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‘Women’s History Month’ featuring Carol Burnett honoring Betty White