You Won’ T Believe The Bond Between These Two Abuse Survivors!

Abuse stories are always incredibly heart breaking, they expose the worst side of human kind, it’ s sickening to see the incredibly cruelty that plagues the heart of some individuals. On the other hand the abuse survivor stories of unfaltering bravery are awe-inspiring and definitely worth sharing! They are a testament to the resilience of human beings!

On 2012 Melissa Dohn, was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend. She managed to survive but was deeply scarred both physically and mentally. “Having to look in the mirror every day and know that I’m different because of what somebody else did to me, it was very hard to accept,” she told ABC Action News. Thankfully she found a great friend to share her burden with!

Meet Khalessi the pit bull, she was terribly abused as puppy, leaving her visibly deformed.  Melissa fell in love almost instantly! The duo formed a unbreakable bond that allowed both of the to get through the pain and find happiness in living once more. That’s why she instantly formed a strong bond with a pooch named Khalessi.

Melissa decided to work with photographer Lisa Otto, to do an inspiring photoshoot with an important messaged for all abuse survivors! Please check out the moving clip below!

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