Wonder-filled boy goes dog sledding in Mom’s laundry basket

This kid is going places. Time to get him a whole sled team. These dogs sure seem to know what they’re doing, even if they aren’t trained!

A snowy day in Leicester is every tot’s dream, and none is happier today than 3-year-old Jenson Webster. This kiddo wanted to go sledding with his favorite dogs, but there wasn’t a sleigh to be found.

His mother, Laura, quickly created a makeshift sleigh with an old laundry basket and some rope, making sure that the family dogs were comfortably attached. Nova and Fenn happily accepted their new role as sled dogs.

The family took to the snow, where Nova and Fenn excitedly pulled a bundled-up Jenson around in his makeshift sled. His happy giggles are more than worth the effort.

What we want to know is how he trained those dogs to pull him around like that. Maybe he has a special gift and needs to become a professional musher and participate in those famous sled dog races.

But that’s far in the future. For now, this family can enjoy their adorable, wholesome day in a showy field in Leicester. We’re glad we get to witness it as well.

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Wonder-filled boy goes dog sledding in Mom’s laundry basket