You Won’t Believe What Celine Dion’s Adorable Twins Did! And Her Reaction? WHOA!

Celine Dion’s life has been struck by tragedy recently. In January, 2016, she lost her husband, and we lost a great producer and artist: Rene Angelil. He wasn’t just her husband, but she also managed her artistically, and he was a musician as well. And that wasn’t all…since recently her brother passed away as well.

It’s very hard to lose your loved ones, but it’s important to remember the beautiful moments and to cherish them, like in the video we show you today. It was recorded back in 2010, when Celine’s twins were just about 3 months old, and it’s delightful!

She and her husband had been together for decades, since the year 1987, and they married in 1994. It was always a bit controversial, since their difference in age is pretty big, but that was never a problem for them, and their marriage lasted for a whole 21 years.

The video we have presented to you today features a very cute moment, where Celine and her husband are with their 3 month old sons. They allowed the press to record this video inside of their home. It’s such a lovely moment!

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