You Won’t Believe What Gigantic Animal This Dog Imitates. Uncanny!

For a long time, parrots had the top spot when it came to being the ones who imitated other things – people, animals, you name it. They were part of lore, perched on pirates shoulders, squawking and talking back. Those parrots haven’t met Fred, the elephant-imitating bulldog. Yes, you read that correctly. This dog loves pachyderms so much that he replicates their trumpeting sounds.

Apparently, Fred saw an elephant on television and instead of thinking something like, “Wow, that thing is so big that it could flatten me into paste if it wanted to,” he thought, “I like how it sounds! Let me try! Wow! I can do this!” Fred threw his head back and… trumpeted. The resemblance was uncanny. Fred is lucky he doesn’t actually live in a jungle. An elephant might hear him and think they found a mate. Then there might be a squashed pooch for real.

Of course, Fred’s very human owner heard this, and, this being the day and age of video and social media, recorded him during one of his sessions. The video was uploaded and instantly became viral since everyone really loved a dog who sounded like an elephant. Many “You’ve GOT to See This” emails were sent. Forget the term “You walk like an elephant…” Now it’s “You sound like an elephant.”

It’s too bad that David Letterman retired when he did. Fred would have been a perfect choice to appear on the “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment of the show. That said: Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert and both Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel) owe me some kind of payment if they use him on their show.

Watching this video just puts me in a good mood. I’ve always been a sucker for animals imitating other animals. Check it out and leave a comment below!

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