You Won’t Believe This Insane Near-Death Accident Taking Place On A Construction Site

Accidents occur every single day with little to no warning. You never know when you’re going to be hit by the unexpected, so it’s always best to be alert and stay aware of what’s happening in the area surrounding you. You can never be too prepared for something scary! Whether you’re in the car, taking a walk down the street, or at work, surprising things happen all the time.

Some accidents happen so fast that it’s miraculous everybody makes it out safe and sound. When you watch the clip included below, you’ll know exactly what I mean! The workers on this construction site could have been in really bad shape had they not gotten out of the way of falling lumber in time. Thankfully, they were able to see what was coming for them and dodged out of the way. Nobody was hurt but, with even the slightest shift in timing, the workers’ fates could have been much darker.

This is why you should always wear your hard hat on a construction site! There’s nothing like a close call to remind you of that. This was likely one of the scarier days faced by these workers, but you can never be too sure that you’re going to have an average, hiccup-free day on the job. These men have cat-like reflexes, that’s for sure!

Wouldn’t you be absolutely terrified if this happened to you? Quick thinking and a lot of luck kept these men safe that day. All of it was caught on camera, showing everyone that it’s always good to keep an eye on your surroundings!

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