You Won’t Believe What Koko The Gorilla Got For Her Birthday! Prepare To Die From The Cuteness!

Hanabiko, or “Koko” for short, is a female gorilla that became famous first, for learning a large number of hand signals of American Sign Lanfuage and second, for receiving a visit from Robin Williams. On her 44th birthday she got the best present she could have hoped for–a box filled with kittens! The first time she had adopted kittens they sadly escaped from her watchful eyes and died in a tragic car accident. Koko grieved dearly the loss of her kittens.

However, her caretakers, moved by her reaction, understood just how invested and loving she was with her little animals. They knew that a new litter of kittens would be the best gift for her. In the following video you’ll be able to see her heartrending reaction when she first sets eyes on the little ones. Koko immediately falls preys to her inherently maternal personality, from the get go there is no doubt that she has a ton of love to spare and give to these adorable kittens. Even more adorable is how she obviously finds some of the kittens cuter than others, just check out her first interaction with the grey one!

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