You won’t believe this little dog’s reaction to her new house! She warmed up immediately!

Moving is a hassle!  I believe it is safe to assume that all of us can agree on this sentiment. Imagine how hard this experience can be on an animal, in my experience my dogs have a hard time adjusting to different environments, but fear not! The following endearing video is proof that dogs will somehow find a way to be happy and bring happiness to those lucky enough to share a bond with them!

This adorable West Highland white Terrier named Christy had just moved to a brand new house in Florid with her family. She was definitely not happy with the change at first, however the moment she saw the new house, Christy fell completely in love. The key to her happiness? Well, let’s just say the first thing she notices is that the backyard seems to be different… and there’s something there that has got her super excited.

In the video below, Christy’s owner records her staring at the backyard through the sliding glass door. She spots a beautiful backyard pool that is clearly calling her name. Her owner asks if she wants to go to the pool, and immediately you can see Christy’s tail wagging frantically!

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