You Won’t Believe How This Mother Sea Otter Quiets Her Extremely Squeaky Baby

Animals will do some of the funniest things with their young. No matter the species, offspring can have some annoying tendencies, and parents will do whatever they can to hush their embarrassing child. Babies, especially, might get loud sometimes because they don’t yet have a grasp on how else they can communicate their feelings.

Some tourists once spotted a pair of otters floating in the water, a mother and a baby. Otter pups are known to squeak and whine when they’re unhappy, and they won’t stop until the problem at hand is resolved. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The baby otter in this video was clearly upset about something, growing louder and louder and climbing all over Mom. The mother was trying to groom her baby, but the baby wasn’t having it.

There’s no denying that mothers love their children unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean children don’t test their parents’ patience! In the video below, it seems as though the otter noticed that she and her baby were being recorded and immediately put her paw over her child’s mouth to quiet them down! She was obviously embarrassed by her kid’s behavior!

It’s hilarious what lengths even animal parents will go to keep things orderly and calm. This otter mama sure wasn’t about to let her child humiliate her in front of all those people! The way she puts her paw over her pup’s mouth is too funny! You have to watch this adorable clip for yourself.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? It’s like the mother otter could tell she was being filmed! Animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Not only are they clever, but they sure know how to make us laugh! Share this hilarious clip with your friends and family and be sure to leave a comment down below!