You Won’t Believe How Much This Horse Likes This Tv Crew Member! LOL

Everyone has a funny story from work, right? One way or another, hijinks happen in almost every line of work. However the hazards do vary in both frequency and size!

For example, television industry anecdotes can range from tame, to scandalous, heatwarming, funny and sometimes just bizarre. There seems to be an untold rule that whenever there is a live recording going on, all the coincidences align to bring together people that might cook up a storm. There are plenty of internet videos featuring crazy people acting out during news reports and other live television! Imagine how much more hilarious and bizarre it is when animals are involved?

I have seen footage of cameramen and hosts being followed, or being fooled by animals during their shows. Most of the time animals are just trying to be cheeky with the stranger! I do admit that the situation gets considerably more hairy when the cameraman is the victim.

Well you are about to find out in the video below! The results are hilarious, you’ll be sure to get a good laugh!

One of the horses takes a liking towards one of the members of the crew and in one of the funnies way possible! It is absolute laugh-inducing to see Greg Harriott try to keep his cool!

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