You won’t believe the unreal noise this little dog can make

If you were asked what sound a dog makes, you’d almost certainly say, “They bark, of course.” Dogs make other sounds, too, howling being the loudest. You’re about to meet a little dog who does a loud and very, very strange howl.

The secret to understanding dogs, their behavior, and the sounds they make is to always keep in mind that they’re pack animals. A dog pack is a highly structured little society; each dog knows his place within it and is willing to defend the group at any cost. For a pet dog, their human friends are the pack.

This brings us to howling. In the wild, a dog will howl as a way of communicating with other members of the pack, in effect saying “Hey, I’m over here! Where are you?” This powerful instinct probably explains why dogs sometimes howl when their humans step out or come back home.

There’s a little Maltese named Cody who has not only mastered the art of howling but taken it to a new level. This pint-sized pup can blast out an eerily human scream. He sounds like he’s in agony, even though he’s obviously fine — as usual, a wagging tail is the giveaway. Still, as someone said in a comment on YouTube: “Imagine walking by their house at night and you hear that from their backyard. You would run for your life in fear thinking someone was being attacked and you might be next.” Check out the video posted below and you’ll see they aren’t kidding!

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