You Won’t Believe How Well Trained These Trio Of Animals Is! I’m Cracking Up!

Training animals is hard work. Some species might be “easier” or more naturally inclined to cooperate. Everyone probably thinks of dogs as the poster boys of successful training, what they don’t know is that any animal can be trained, it just requires a lot of dedication and love, because in order to get animals to cooperate with you, you first need to gain their trust.

Dogs notoriously know how to fetch, sit, stay, shake, hug, roll around and even play dead. However when you this amazing trio and their human you won’t believe your eyes! Sure there are two beautiful doggies however; there is also a cat, that steals the show from these pups!

In the short video below you’ll watch in awe as the feline refuses to be outdone when it comes to tricks. This owner asks his two dogs to roll over, and the dogs follow the directions perfectly. But watch how the cat reacts – she responds right on cue and rolls over as if she were a dog too.

Check out the video below for yourself, personally I was smiling non-stop at the cat’s antics! It’s always neat to see all kinds of interactions between humans and their animals!

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