You Won’t Believe What This Woman Does To Save A Kitten’s Life… I’m SPEECHLESS!

It is said that the richness of a society can be measured by how they treat the smallest and weakest individuals. We share that belief, because it ties in with the protection of animals in need. Videos of animal rescues are something that we love to share with you, especially because it helps raise awareness of important issues like animal abuse and neglect.

They also help putting heroes like the ones in this video on the spotlight that they have earned. A team including volunteers and firefighters from West Side Volunteer Fire Department rescued a kitten that had fell down a drain pipe. It was raining heavily, and the kitten had little time left as the water kept rising, soon to overwhelm him.

What the woman in the video does to save that poor kitten is something that can only be described as heroic. She put herself in a situation that was not only dirty, but dangerous, and potentially deadly. Going through such risks for a tiny kitten’s life is a selfless act that should be looked up to.

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