You Won’t Believe This Young Boy’s Pawsonal Chauffeur! Your Heart Will Melt!

Kid and dog combos are the best! Dogs make great companions for kids, helping them explore the world and being unconditional friends every tiny step of the way.

This mother was enjoying the adorable picture of her little boy driving around his brand-new red car along with the family dog! She got the idea to record the memory of this absolutely cute duo taking a spin around the street, and it’s a very funny and surprising memory…

After a while of the adorable kid enjoying his new toy, driving around in circles, with the little dog as copilot, it was the furry friend’s turn to take the wheel! Well, in reality, it turned out that the real driver was, Daisy the Dog! You can hear the mother laughing joyfully at this plot-twist! And her baby boy is absolutely relaxed, enjoying the free ride and even a few adrenaline fueled turns!

They will probably grow up to be an excellent combination a la dukes of hazard, we can’t wait to hear more about their antics! Hopefully mom will always be there to keep us up to date with more adorable videos!

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