Wood restoration specialist masterfully restores beautiful guitar

Guitar restoration

A furniture restoration specialist proved that he could do more than work on chairs and tables, turning his attention to instrument restoration. He beautifully restored a seven-string acoustic guitar.

Even better, he walks viewers through the entire process on the YouTube channel AT Restoration. It is cut and edited for time, but viewers will have the opportunity to watch a master at work.

The acoustic guitar arrived with many flaws. It had a crack along the back of its body, the fretboard was cracked and broken, some of the strings were missing, and there were other cosmetic issues.

Guitar restoration

Fortunately, the furniture restoration specialist had the tools and the ability to make the acoustic guitar beautiful again. He removed the neck and strings and then cut the back of the body in half.

Because of the crack, he needed to add a separate piece of the wood to the guitar’s back, using special wood and a glue known as skin glue. He used this because it is more flexible and works better.

He also spent considerable time sanding and polishing the guitar neck, allowing it to shine like a new instrument entirely. From beginning to end, he transformed this guitar.

Anyone interested in wood restoration or musical instruments will find the perfect intersection of these two topics. The video is a fascinating and beautiful example of craftsmanship.

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