Woodworker’s unexpected ‘turn’ of events made my day

A unique crafting experience was posted by artist David Adamsen. He took an ugly, beat-up Boxwood shrub root and turned it into a piece of art. The results were stunning, and the steps involved were complicated.

David knew this was going to be a challenge from the start. He wrote, “Unknown quantities of dirt, rocks, and sand do not make for a great turning experience, and I certainly learned a few things the hard way with this one.”

David began by sawing pieces of the root he didn’t want in the final product. He pulled out unwanted parts that would cause issues in the artwork. He sized it up to fit in a five-gallon bucket.

Then, David made multiple different colored mixes of Superclear Liquid Glass. The video is very satisfying as the colors are mixed together, and the machine work has a bit of zen to it.

After the colors are mixed, David puts the root into a bucket and slowly pours the mix over it in random spots to create a multi-color effect. Then, he places it in a pressurized container for five days.

Once he takes it out of the container, the real work begins. He spins it and chips away to remove the excess liquid glass that has dried in the shape of a bucket. He has a long way to go.

As he shaves it, pieces fly off into the air like ribbons. Seeing all these beautiful ribbons flying around as he works is such an interesting image. Hours go by, and after David applies the final touches, a lovely vase is revealed at the end. The reflective surface and natural wood touches make it a true work of art.

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Woodworker\'s unexpected \'turn\' of events made my day