Worker Finds Baby Deer Under Branches. I Was Cracking Up At What Happened Next.

It’s usually human nature to try to comfort any scared animals that you find. You want to reassure them that everything is OK and that they are going to be fine. Oftentimes you might be able to pet them for a minute or two before they scamper off. But other times, you might wind up finding yourself having made a friend that you weren’t anticipating on having. Like Justin Lewis, the guy in this video.

Lewis, who is working on clearing a path for electric lines, finds a fawn under branches. He extricates her and is rubbing her belly to make her feel better. Oops. She likes it… a little too much. He can’t put her down. When he tries, she starts bleating quite loudly and he has to resume rubbing her belly. His co-workers are absolutely cracking up while watching this whole thing unfold.

It’s so adorable to see this big tough guy standing there holding this fawn like she’s a baby, rubbing her belly. She’s just lying there in his arms like “Rub my belly more. More. I deserve this after being stuck for all this time.” She does not want to leave. Obviously, he put her down at some point, otherwise he might be standing there today with a beard down to his feet. It’d be hard for him to post the video, too.

Some people might think that Lewis actually put the fawn in danger, since no other deer might want to interact with her due to having a scent of a human on her. Hopefully, that was not the case. All he wanted to do was comfort this deer who had been trapped. Others thought that the deer was scared when he was trying to put her down. If that were the case, she probably would have wriggled out. She was happy where she was.

I want to hold a fawn like this! What do you think? Would you do something like this? Have you? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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