The World’s Biggest Cats Carve Up Halloween Pumpkins!

Humans love holidays and there’s no more fun holiday coming up than Halloween. It’s the time of year where you get to dress up as anyone you want to be, watch scary and spooky movies and consume all the pumpkin because ’tis the season! Aside from eating and drinking pumpkin-flavored treats, there’s also the tradition of carving up pumpkins in every which way. It isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin, many would argue.

Cats make up an integral part of the holiday as well – after all, black cats ARE icons of Halloween. It’s only fitting that cats of all shapes and sizes and breeds also get to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Thanks to the kind folks at East Lake United Methodist Church and Wal-Mart, some large-bodied felines get to do just that.

The church and the retailer donate leftover Halloween pumpkins to the Big Cat Rescue, where they give them to the cats in their facility, who just eat them up – literally and figuratively!

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