World’s Highest Bridge Puts People On Their Knees, Wait Until You See Why…

People have had phobias since we can remember. There are phobias to almost anything you can think of. One of the most common ones is arachnophobia. Fear of spiders is present in any age group. It was made popular by an 80’s movie with the same name. For people with this phobia, they cannot manage to even get close to a spider. They fear spiders of all sizes, even the tiny ones.

Another very common phobia is ophidiophobia or fear of snakes. This phobia is very widespread and often a result of firsthand experiences or cultural influences. Because they are poisonous animals that can be deadly, people have avoided any contact with them. This may have been passed on through their genes. Therefore, some people who have never seen a snake, feel fear in the first contact.

A very popular fear in recent years is aerophobia or the fear of flying. This one affects an estimated 8 million adults in the U.S. TV and Internet videos have made it a lot more common. The average person is more likely to die from a car accident than he or she is from a plane crash. They are very rare. About 1 out of every 3 people has some level of fear of flying. People with this phobia often feel a rapid heartbeat, disoriented or tremble when they must board a plane.

One that you or maybe a person you know has is cynophobia. The name may sound funny an unknown, but it’s the fear of dogs. People with this fear often get it because of a personal experience. Being bitten by a dog is one of the leading causes. The other one is being chased by one. People with this fear often freeze when they encounter a dog. There are some breeds that will trigger the symptoms faster than others.

Finally, another very popular phobia is acrophobia. This phobia is the fear of heights. Although many people won’t admit to having it, you will be surprised at how many people suffer from it. There is one bridge in China that poses a challenge for sufferers from this phobia.

It is one of the most impressive on the planet. It has broken many records and people’s will as well. It has a reinforced glass bottom. They have done a lot of experiments to show people just how. Even shattering the glass with hammers and cruising on a car. People who walk on it can see all the way down. One thing I can tell you is that it makes for some very awesome photographs. The view there is astounding.