World’s Most Intelligent Parrot? But When I Saw Him Play Golf I was Speechless!

I think parrots are some of the most underappreciated pets in the internet. They are extremely intelligent and their longevity gives them wisdom above other species. Sure, it might be difficult to believe given their random behavior but when you see this little guy playing golf I am sure your opinion will change! I can’t believe this parrot’s skills, wow!

I knew that parrots could talk and also be trained.  But when I saw him do tricks just like you would teach your pet dog, I was amazed. This parrot was rolling over, shaking hands, playing dead, and even flipping!

Next his owner did something amazing he told this parrot to put the ball in as this little guy was standing on a little gulf course all his own.  And he did, this parrot actually putted a gulf ball into a hole using a gulf club and his beak. I was totally amazed… WOW! I bet you can’t wait to see what this cute parrot did next; really it is amazing on how smart this little guy is.

Watch this amazing clip and be sure to share it with your friends and family, especially if you know one of them is a bird lover! After watching there will be no doubt of the intelligence of parrots!

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