Worst team in Family Feud history? Their answers are ridiculous!

Family Feud has long been an extremely popular game show in the states and abroad, and it’s seen its fair share of crazy moments, silly answers and great family performances down there years. With many fun games played at home too with the board game version. But perhaps none more so than this team – and one lady in particular who has the audience in stitches with her answers.

The question posed by host Steve Harvey is “what is another way that people say, mother?” And with the two-top answers already being taken, this team decide to play anyway. It’s then that one family member keeps on repeating the same word – much to the hilarity of the audience and Steve himself!

No matter how many times Steve goes back to ask Sheila for a new answer she just says the same thing, only slightly different. Steve has to actually tell the audience to stop laughing and clapping while he gets to the bottom of this – which only has people rolling in the aisles even more. Even Sheila’s own family members are wiping away the tears of laughter!

With the other family looking like they’ve got a strong chance to steal and win the game, Sheila continues to give terrible answers – repeating ones that already have been said. Steve just can’t believe it and it makes this video a painful watch. If you can even manage to get through it we’ll be very impressed!

“Nana” offers Sheila, who clearly hasn’t heard that another family member already has provided that answer. When prompted again, she responds with “mommy” – only with an inflection at the end of the word to make it sound different! Steve just loses it and riffs on the mistake for some time and has everyone watching clutching their sides. He even manages to get in a tap dance, and addresses the audience directly saying – “you’re never gonna be able to survive this episode!”

How he made it through this section of the show is beyond us – as is how on earth this family managed to become contestants! One thing for sure though – it’s all in good fun and it makes for great entertainment. Check out the video below to witness Family Feud’s worst contestant ever – and don’t forget it next time you’re playing the home version with your family!