Would You Help A Homeless Man If He Fell Down? Watch The Shocking Results Of The Social Experiment!

If a man on the street, who was walking with crutches, falls down how do you think you would react? Really think about this and answer honestly would you help the man up? Would it matter if that person was wearing a business suit, or homeless clothing?

The people at Model Pranksters wanted to know the answer to this question. So they got an actor they dressed him up in a business suit and had him walk around on crutches and fall over in front of people. The whole act was filmed to see what would happen. Then the same actor changed clothes to look like a homeless person and they conducted the same experiment.

The results of this experiment really shocked me, watching people is complete indifference to the homeless man when they cared about the same man when he was wearing different clothes was astounding. Watch this video and you will be astounded just like I was.

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