He Was Wounded And Abused By The Neighborhood Kids. THIS Rescue Had Me Crying In Joy!

Non-profit animal rescue organization Hope For Paw has completed a lot of astounding rescues. This rescue shown below was carried out about a year ago. They received an urgent call about a homeless pit bull that had been injured and was in a pretty bad shape.

The kids in the neighborhood wounded the poor dog by throwing rocks at him. When the rescuers approached him he seemed a bit wary. But Eldad from Hope For Paws is known to woo dogs with burgers, and this time too it worked! They decided to name this handsome dog Buddha. Thanks to them Buddha now has a hope for a good life.

Watch this rescue! What do think about those cruel kids? Why do you think their parent didn’t stop this misbehavior? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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