Wow, what a greeting! When one lucky dad realized how deeply he was missed…I shed a few tears!

To be an upstanding adult, chances are you’ll be loaded up with enough responsibilities to carry and then some! Most of us have a mortgage to pay. As simple as that. This leads to sometime apart from friends and family, regardless of job. Whether joining the armed force or just working on the corner convenience store, we will spend a decent amount of time away from loved ones to afford the opportunities to hopefully see them more late on down the road.
It doesn’t always work out this way, but if we work really hard at it, we can accomplish anything.

Your bond you share will always be special. Whether it be human or animal- some bonds are as deep or meaningful as you make them. Some need love. When they receive the love they so desperately ache for, a part of them becomes calm and steady. Almost like a stream or brook, they reach a level of tranquility that leaves them at peace when in your presence.

When you go on vacation or to work for extended periods, that tranquility loses an edge. It’s not complete without you and can leave your lover or friend feeling lonely, sad or even hopeful for a quick return. In these circumstances, it’s important to understand the boundaries or limits we all set. Yet, even still, we find ourselves yearning for a safe a hasty return or our treasured loved ones.

The front door swings up and is greeted by the most loving cat running to her well missed and loved dad.

This is probably the exact feeling. The tone, the body language- all of it seems to indicate a bond that was sorely missed and loved.
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