Writer Goes To Conference. Wait Until You See What She Does When Murders Start To Happen.

There was a golden era of TV shows that seniors could watch – “Matlock”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “Touched By An Angel” and of course, “Murder, She Wrote.” All the cast members were of the older variety, and none of them had to flaunt any curves to get what they wanted. They could tell great stories and show that intellect could carry the day over fistfights. Well, “Walker” was an exception. Still, this “Murder, She Wrote” episode brings back memories.

Jessica Fletcher goes to a writer’s conference… which is allowed to go on because the organizers don’t seem to realize that death trails her like a shadow. This should be their response: “Jessica Fletcher? The woman that has had over 48 people die around her every year since 1984? She’s here? Oh dear. Let’s just shut down the conference and stay in our hotel rooms until she leaves.” No… they continue it… and yes, people die.

The story ends with another one of Fletcher’s voiceover explanations… and she is able to reach through to the person who committed the murders, since she’s known him for a long time. Unlike other shows, where it might have resulted in a grisly shootout, a life is spared and Fletcher can resume her writing career. Another reason that this feels nostalgic – this aired in 2000, well before the entire world turned upside down a year later.

One cool thing for eagle-eyed viewers – the man who plays the murderer is the late Richard Crenna. If that name sounds familiar… it’s because he played John Rambo’s staunch ally, Col. Sam Trautman, in the first three “Rambo” movies. He was a wonderful character actor that could help carry a TV show or a movie… partly because you found yourself saying, “It’s that guy… AGAIN!”

This was one of several made-for-TV movies that the creators of “Murder, She Wrote” wrangled from the network once the show was canceled. I thought it was pretty good. How about you? Leave your favorite memories from the show in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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