WWII Vet Upsets A Waitress Every Day. Then She Finds Out He Left Her A Gift In His Will.

This beautiful and interesting story happened to a waitress of a restaurant, Melina Salazar. She has worked as a waitress for over 16 consecutive years at Luby`s Restaurant, located in Brownsville, Texas. This beautiful and intelligent waitress has specialized and characterized by his good treatment and understanding to the demanding and difficult customers – but the client Walter “Buck” Swords, was someone who exceed the limits of the aggression sometimes.

Generally, if the food was not hot enough or if he did not like it, Melina received bad answers and comments from Walter. However, Melina was always patient with him and was never discouraged. In fact, for seven years, the waitress served the veteran with a lot of love, patience and kindness, and never got angry with him despite his bad behavior, always showed respect and affection to him. Walter always came to eat, for this reason, when he stopped, she wondered where her client was.

After several days, Melina was reading the newspaper and saw Walter’s obituary. He had gone forever, but at the same time, he had done something for Melina and she did not know yet. This time it was not any kind of bad attitude or verbal aggression. It was something else!

Instead of the bad attitude, Walter had left for Melina, his favorite waitress, $ 50,000 and a car. This was the way he chose to thank her for all her good treatment, her kindness, her patience with him and the willingness she had to endure his bad behavior every time he came to the restaurant to eat. Melina told reporters that she never expected that from Walter, that she did her job with love.

Melina still thinks she did it out of love for her work and out of respect for her elders. She even has a wise advice for those people who work in the area of customer service, she tells them that “they should always smile and be kind to customers, showing a little attention is something that maybe they need”.

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