This X Factor Audition Will Bring TEARS To Your Eyes! His Voice? Wow!

The following video tells us the touching story of 17-year-old Emmanuel Kelly, an Australian young man who was born in the middle of a tragic war zone, in the far country of Iraq. He was found abandoned in a shoe box when he was just a baby, and thankfully, he was rescued by the soldiers and taken to an orphanage were he waited to be adopted.

Born without his hands, and after being abandoned like that, he had very little hope for himself, but then, a miracle finally happened as he was adopted by a single mother who adopted him and his brother to help them get out of the difficult times in Iraq. It’s a very heart touching story, and I’m certain it will reach you to the bottom.

As he grew up, he discovered his amazing voice talent, and decided to give it a shot at fame in the popular TV show, The X Factor. On the show, they told us his incredible story, and he performed a beautiful version of the famous John Lennon smash hit, “Imagine”. You’ll be left in tears when you see this!

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