X-ray of boy’s brain injury shocks doctors, serves as warning to all parents

They say most accidents happen in the home, but even so, you probably think of your home as a pretty safe place — at least if you’ve never had children. But when someone brings their first child home, they find themselves suddenly alert to all the dangers that lurk in a perfectly normal residence. Fortunately there are guides to childproofing your home, but all the guides in the world aren’t going to cover every possible danger. There’s always something that isn’t in the book.

That’s the kind of thing that put a mom and dad in China through a terrifying experience. Their 2 year-old son Chen Chen was jumping up and down on his bed when he lost control and went tumbling down to the floor. So far, all this sounds perfectly normal: little kids have spills all the time and almost always have nothing worse to show for it than a scrape or bruise. But in this case, it wasn’t a little boo-boo: the little boy had suffered a freak accident. Chen Chen’s head landed on a three-pronged electrical plug which was now firmly embedded in his skull! Chen Chen’s frantic parents rushed him to the hospital.

Fortunately, they’d left the plug in place, horrifying though it was. X-rays revealed that the prongs had penetrated the boy’s brain. Now it would be up to surgeons to carefully remove the plug, trying to do as little additional damage as possible. It took three hours of painstaking surgery to safely remove the prongs and stitch-up the wounds. They can’t yet be sure if Chen Chen suffered any permanent brain damage, but they are optimistic about him making a full recovery.

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