For A Year This Dog Waited For His Dead Owner. What Happened Next Brought Me To Tears!

Dogs are innocent and loyal animals. Their love towards their owner is something similar to the love of a child for his/her mother. Because of this devotion, sometimes dogs tend to wait for their owners for a very long time, even if their owner is already dead.

This adorable dog named woody had nowhere else to go when his owner died and other family members sold the house. He kept on living near his former house under a shed hoping for his owner’s return. But unfortunately no one came for his rescue, until a team of ‘Hope For Paws’, an animal rescue organization got the information about his situation.

The neighbors felt sad for Woody so they left food and water for him now and then. They hoped that someone would come for him. But as the days passed and became a year, they couldn’t see him in such a bad condition and finally called ‘Hope For Paws’ for his rescue.

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