Yellow Lab Meets Teeny, Weeny Baby Bunny. Yes… It’s As Cute As You Think.

There are times in our lives where something presents itself to us and makes us go, “Huh?” It seems so out of place, so new, that it momentarily stops us in our tracks. That’s what happened to a dog in this video that’s presented with something that’s so alien to her world view that she doesn’t know what to make of it. Fortunately, for her and for all of us, the creature that’s before her is not an alien, though its cuteness is out of this world.

The real star of this video is the baby bunny that’s standing right in front of Meg, a golden lab. Like the pooch, I was transfixed by the tiny bunny ears, those eyes… at first it looks like a furry chocolate rabbit… which really sounds unappetizing. But then it goes into motion and it just melts my heart every time I watch it. I can’t get enough of this video. Do you blame me? Sorry, I had to watch it yet another time…

What really makes this video is when the baby bunny keeps doing these little tiny hops around Meg. At first, I thought it was like one of those toys on a stick. She proves herself real very quickly when she starts moving, that’s for sure. I’ve seen wild baby bunnies before, but only through a window at a nature preserve. I became very jealous of this pooch getting to be up close and personal with this widdle, widdle bunny.

I had to keep myself from just sitting there saying, “SO CUTE! SO CUTE!” This is a must-watch if you’re having a bad day. The very second that that little ball of fluff starts hopping around, all the problems in the world go away. Angry at politicians? BUNNY! Your boss yelled at you? BUNNY! Your credit card statement larger than expected? BUNNY! OK, I think you get the point. Now get hopping… sorry, couldn’t resist.

How many times did you watch this video before scrolling down to this section? Be honest. I expect a minimum of four. Tell all your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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