You may know these 100 famous faces, but not their names

There were more gorgeous women than Marilyn Monroe or the Bond girls who graced showbusiness with their beauty.

Everyone knows about Marilyn Monroe or Lynda Gable. Still, more will talk about the various Bond girls or Pam Grier and remember their beautiful figures and beautiful faces.

However, there were a lot more bombshells in the decades from the 40s to the 80s that set the frame for the style and feel of an entire era. These are ladies that we might remember when we see, but we fail to recall their names as easily as we do Marilyn’s or Lynda’s.

This nostalgic video is a loving homage to all those currently unsung staples of entire eras as well as an evocative trip down memory lane with unforgettable films, series, and other pieces of art that featured them.

From Angel Tomkins, the star of the legendary Sheena and best known for House on Haunted Hill to the stunning Angela Dorian, Candy, Mylene Demongeot, and Pam Austin, each one brought their own glamour to the big and small screen.

Without these beautiful, smart, iconic ladies, film and TV wouldn’t be the same and it certainly wouldn’t have etched fond memories in our minds the way they did.

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You may know these 100 famous faces, but not their names