You Might Laugh At This Farmer’s Peacocks, But Just Wait Till You Hear Her Sing

The X Factor UK is known for bringing top-notch acts like Little Mix and Leona Lewis into the limelight, but they’ve never seen a contestant quite like this before. As the cheery farmer begins to chronicle the menagerie of animals she hosts on her farm, the judges can’t help but giggle.

This audition features none other than fifty-three-year-old Jacqueline Faye. Hailing from Oxfordshire, England, the songstress spends her days on a livestock farm amongst the likes of chickens, horses, ducks, and even a pair of friendly peacocks.

After some banter with the judges, it’s finally time for Faye to show them what she’s got. And her resulting performance is just incredible.

While showcasing an impassioned rendition of “You’re My World” by Cila Black, this farmer proves she’s got the elusive “x-factor” we’ve all been waiting for. After Simon affectionately calls her “a little tiger,” it’s no surprise she has the whole judging panel rooting for her with a powerhouse voice like that.