You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Took My Duck to Target

Picture yourself going to Target, and as you look over, there happens to be a duck sitting by the register, waddling in the aisle, being petted by kids, or being pushed in a shopping cart! That is how much fun this video is. If you had a pet duck, wouldn’t you want to bring them everywhere you go? Wrinkle the duck has an adventure with her human daddy at Target.

He takes her around, shows her the sights, and treats his baby like a human child. It is too precious. He shows her what a rubber ducky looks like, and she loves it! She snatches it from him using her beak and puts it in the cart. It is so funny when they walk past a kid reading a book, and he does not notice the duck in the shopping cart!

It is even cuter when he shows Wrinkle, a kid’s book about baby animals. He shows her a few different kids’ books, and one has a picture of a duckling. When he picks Wrinkle up from the cart, she wears a pair of little red booties to protect her feet! Some of the kids in the store get to pet the duck. Everyone who sees her wants to pet or hold her, as Wrinkle is a star! She pokes a ball around the toy aisle and has all the kids “quacking” up!

It will melt your heart when he lovingly kisses Wrinkle on her bill. The duck looks so cute, waddling in the aisles of the store. The music in the video makes it even more fun! She flaps her wings, wiggles her rear, and shows herself off! Wrinkle likes to peck at everything with her beak! You will see nothing cuter today than Wrinkle, the “professional duck” hanging out with her daddy at Target!

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You Won\'t Believe What Happened When I Took My Duck to Target