You’ll Be Moved to Tears By “Baby Yoda: The Love Song”

‘Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song’ by Ice2Ice from The Ringer

Baby Yoda has inspired a generation to begin dedicating their creative art to the young supreme wielder of the force. ‘Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song’ is a love song written by Ice2Ice, a devoted fan of Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’ His moving track is based on the original arrangement ‘Dear Theodosia’ from the Broadway hit Hamilton.

This superfan has a voice of gold, singing a song of hope for Baby Yoda. While we all know the ancient mystical sage, no one quite knows how he reaches that age. Will this incarnation of Star Wars carry his life through in a conventional sense or is there something darker awaiting and amiss? Nothing stops hope from springing from the heart of The Ringer.

No one can deny the classical masterpiece that is ‘Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song.’ Ice2Ice has awoken a spirit of wonder within us as he sings a song of Yoda’s youth seen on The Mandalorian. With each word and scene, we are reminded of the drama that’s unfolding, and the cutting edge of tension on which we remain.

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