You’ll Break Into Tears When You hear Alan Jackson Sing A Moving Classic At George Jones’ Funeral!

On April 26, 2013 the music industry and the world suffered a great loss, country Superstar George Jones passed away. Following this tragedy, a night to honor this amazing artist was held at the Grand Ole Opry, organized by the country music community.  Regretfully they united to say their final goodbye to him.  People came from all over the USA to honor the legacy left behind by this prolific performer. Other Artists prepared different shows to honor him; however there was one that rose among the others.

The most unforgettable performance of the night came from Alan Jackson; he sang George Jones’ own classic “He Stopped Loving Her Today” onstage at the late star’s funeral leaving everyone speechless. Jackson’s interpretation kept Jones’ spirit and memory intact as well. Three years have passed, yet his remarkable performance is enough to move thousands of people to tears. Everyone held the memory of the country megastar close in their mind as the heart-wrenching vocals served as the perfect bittersweet goodbye to George Jones’. Surely his influence won’t be forgotten thanks this!

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