You’ll Cry When You See What This Photographer Caught In His Camera. THIS Is A MUST Watch!

The ocean is one of the most mysterious and diverse places on our planet. But unfortunately, it is being endangered by pollution from people like us. Marine life is dying, and as a result, the whole oceanic ecosystem is threatened simply by various sources of pollution. Did you know that 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year?

Watch the following video if you need further proof. Midway Island is over 2,000 miles from land, yet the garbage that has affected this island’s ecosystem is devastating! This clip should be seen by everyone all over the world! What horrid consequences! We ask that you please share this on your Facebook page and social media to make others aware of the horrible consequences of creating so much waste and not disposing of it properly.

Midway Island is inhabited by thousands of birds who have nowhere else to go because the island is so far from anywhere else. But these birds are dying horrible, suffering deaths due to our carelessness and our obsession with plastic. Midway is inhabited by about 40 to 60 people who are part of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

This information is copied from Wikipedia in order to educate people about Midway Island. “Midway Atoll, in common with all the Hawaiian Islands, receives substantial amounts of marine debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Consisting of ninety percent plastic, this debris accumulates on the beaches of Midway. This garbage represents a hazard to the bird population of the island. Twenty tons of plastic debris washes up on Midway every year with five tons of that debris being fed to Albatross chicks. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates at least 100 pounds (45 kg) of plastic washes up every week.”

Watch this enlightening video below and see for yourself the suffering these animals go through before dying. Then see if you want to continue buying that expensive bottled water and all those cheap plastic toys. Let us know your thoughts about it through your comments!

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