You’ll Fall In Love With These Leopard Cubs Learning To Cross The Road

What could be cuter than a pair of furry leopard cubs learning to cross the road? Well, firstly, learning is the keyword here, as neither of these cubs gets the crossing quite right for a while.

This video from the Kruger National Park captures one of the most adorable sightings of parenting ever seen. You’ll be in awe of this mother leopard’s love and attentive nature, as she teaches her cubs to cross the road.

Just when you think these two cubs have the crossing waxed, following their cautious mother across the road while the cars wait patiently, one chicken’s out. No one could ever be upset with that cutie, though. Learning takes time.

The tiny one loses his muster, drawing the attention of his sibling and mother. One lazy tiny cat almost made the whole exercise cave, but a dedicated mom made sure that they both got up and got across safely.