You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With This Beluga Whale & Her Calf

The instantly recognizable beluga is a truly majestic creature, but have you ever seen a baby? The Georgia Aquarium welcomed a beluga calf recently, and the little one couldn’t be cuter.

Whisper, the beluga calf’s birth was highly awaited and massively celebrated at the Georgia Aquarium. Everyone had been waiting for years for the big day, and the whole world can now enjoy the sight of the joyful baby whale playing beneath the waters.

Female beluga whales typically reproduce every two to three years with this adorable calf, Whisper arriving on May 17. Teams at Georgia aquarium must give the mother and calf ample care and attention, monitoring them around the clock over the next few weeks.

Beluga whales are one of the most social species of whales, while also possessing a complex vocalization ability that dictates many parts of communication, social development, and bonding. Just look how Whisper’s mom follows her around – that’s just a small but amazing part of the emotion that they show.

You\'ll Instantly Fall In Love With This Beluga Whale & Her Calf