You’ll Never Believe That Tiny Home Was Built With Left Over Material

Gina calls her tiny house a “Bitser” because it’s built from bits of this and that, that she owned. The home is mounted on a trailer and is packed full of some of the best storage solutions you’ve ever seen. Just wait until you see the net floor of the gorgeous library loft.

Living Big In A Tiny House takes a trip to the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, to visit a tiny house builder who has one of the most epic modern tiny homes with a library net loft that’ll drive you wild. Gina’s build and creativity are so inspiring!

Could you believe that this house was originally started as just a spec build, but Gina was in love with it by the time she had gotten started and ended up buying the home for herself.

The size of this home of wheels is deceiving, but wait until you see just how spacious it is inside. Smart design only begins to describe the effective innovation shown here. what a great job.