You’ll Never Guess How Much This Man Found While Exploring In An Abandoned School House!

You know when you lift up the couch cushions and find a $5 bill? Or when you put on a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and you find a $10? That’s one of our favorite feelings.

Nuggetnoggin experienced that feeling on a larger scale. He discovered the find of a lifetime when he went looking around an abandoned school house from 1910.

He began his adventure using a metal dectector on the outside of the school house. What was Nuggetnoggin’s first find? Well it wasn’t as special as his later finds. However, money is still money. The young man found a modern quarter buried under the ground next to a tree.

Instead of giving up after that find, he made his way into the abandoned 1910 school house. It is important to note that Nuggetnoggin had the permission of the land owner to be there. In addition to having the permission of the land owner to be there, he also had permission to destroy the floor boards of the old house and dig up the ground.

Almost as soon as he began digging, treasure began appearing. Some of the things he found include: Late 19th/Early 20th Century Silverware, Anchor buttons, perhaps from a Navy uniform, a Native American arrowhead, a General Motors Pontiac car token, and a Glass elephant figurine!

This young man knows the importance of history and taking the time to look for pieces of the past.

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