You’ll Never Have To Struggle To Remove The Pit Of A Cherry Once You See This Amazing Video!

I love to collect useful information that can be applied to optimize my day to day life. It follows that I am big fan of life hacks! This term refers to videos that quickly and effectively present methods to do daily activities in a more efficient way.

I also love to consume cherries, they are one of my favorite foods to binge-eat. Once I buy them I can wait to devour them but there is one thing that prevents me from indulging quickly, their pits that can be difficult to remove.

Most people would just go out and buy a cherry pitter for about $25. However, you’re not like most people because you’re about to see a video that will change the way you eat cherries and won’t cost any money. For this amazing life hack all you need is a bottle.

When I first saw this video, I couldn’t believe it. Now you can pit an infinite amount of cherries without a cherry pitter! I am very thankful to the person that first came up with this idea. Thanks to this simple explanation I can know enjoy my cherries in a quicker, cleaner fashion.

Check out the video below and give this method a try.

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