You’ll Never Understand Why This Woman Lawsuit The Shelter In Which She Adopts Her Kitten

A woman from New Mexico City adopted a small one-year-old kitten in an animal shelter last February. But unfortunately, the kitten could not stay with her for long. For this reason, she filed a suit against the shelter.

Andrea Hauff is thinking of suing the shelter where she adopted her kitten several days ago. She claims that when she went to the adoption, she was not given enough information about her pet. She adopted a small one-year-old kitten, but the shelter never informed her about the bad behavior and aggressiveness of this little cat.

She explains that after bringing the cat home, the cat behavior began to change and it became very aggressive. On one occasion, the cat hid under the armchair and she tried to take it off but the kitten became angry and scratched her hand.

According with what she told us, the wound was so deep that she needed to be hospitalized and receive surgery to repair the damages suffered.

The kitten had long time been in recovery, to try to improve his character, but when she came to adopt him, nobody told her anything about the behavior of the cat, so she decided to take it home.

However, Melina, who works at the shelter, says that this is not the case and that it is not true. She tells us that the shelter is responsible for giving the correct information depending on each case, and that they do not hide information about the animals from potential candidates to adopt. She points out that sometimes the owners make mistakes when dealing with animals who suffer from anxiety.

The trial has not yet been conducted.

As for this kitten named Caspia, he was returned to the animal shelter. Weeks later, he was adopted again by a family, and has not yet returned the kitty to the shelter, which makes us think he is happy in his new home.

We really hope this little kitten, have a good life next to his family forever.

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