Young Boy Lives On The Streets. Watch What This Stray Dog Does When Thugs Try To Rob Him

Rommel, a boy of just eleven years of age, was abandoned by his parents after the got separated. He’s been forced to live in the streets and beg for money to survive. Rommel has also grown estranged of his eight siblings, and has to survive completely on his own. Even though his big sister of 20 years of age works in a factory, there’s little that she can do to help him, since he makes more money begging that she does working in the factory.

Rommel might look like he’s lost everything that he had left in this world, but that would be a mistake, since he still has his best friend. Badgi, a small puppy whom he found in the streets, has become Rommel’s best friend. They give each other support and help, and even though they’re both astray and homeless, they look after each other, since Rommel gives Badgi food, and Badgi returns him back with protection.

They share their heartbreaking story in the video below, and it’s definitely something to leave us thinking about the way that the world works nowadays. It might look like there’s no happy ending to it, but actually, people have gathered to help Rommel and Badgi out, and the people of Quezon city even helped him get enrolled in school. It’s only a start, but it’s much better than nothing.

Watch this boy’s story for yourself in the touching video below.

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