Young boy places garbage in park trash can, is caught off guard by strange sounds coming from inside

Were you aware that the US generates between 250 and 400 million tons of garbage per year? And that it also has the highest amount of waste generated per person than any other country in the world? Yes, that right, every person in the States is responsible for 4.6 pounds of rubbish per day, now that’s a lot of trash. We are all still trying to do our bit though, and 50% of all the paper waste in the country is recycled.

There is a lot of the population that are doing their best to solve this problem. Re-usable shopping bags we now in use all over the country, as are personal water bottles. But is that nearly enough? It is estimated that a huge 10% of our waste ends up as litter, simply by not using the right means to dispose of our rubbish. That and the fact that our landfill site is starting to fill up, we all have a big problem on our hands.

There are many counties across the globe that are in the process of banning the use of plastic bags, this is a great move, but have we left our run all a little too late? Most countries across the world impose heavy fines for littering, this has partially helped but there still is a lot of trash out there clogging up our streets, and worst of all, our drains.

Now there are some very inventive companies out there that are trying new ways to overcome this dirty-little-problem. On such company, “Volkswagen” came up with the simple idea of intruding what they called “The Fun Theory” into play. Their idea was so simple, let’s make disposing of rubbish FUN! They created the world’s deepest bin and placed it in a park to record the reactions from the people using it. What they did was place a sound-device inside the bit to make it a very different experience for those who decided to make use of it. This worked so well that the bin was being filled with nearly 90-pounds of extra trash per day.

It is amazing how the simplest of ideas can capture the imagination so well. By making the chore of placing rubbish into a bin a bit of fun they succeeded in doing what governments around the world have been trying to for years, get people to dispose of their rubbish correctly. Click on the link below and have a laugh at how a simple idea has such an effect on so many people. Remember to always place your trash into the right containers, if there is a bin marked “Plastic only” them be sure that that is all you place into it. If we all do our bit to recycle, then we have a good chance to save this planet, after all, it’s the only one we have.