Young boy reunited with his missing dog – his reaction is heart-breaking

We all know just how important our pets can be, and when a bond is formed between our four-legged friends and their human parents – they become much more than animals. They become part of the family. And losing one is every bit as heartbreaking as losing a relative. This loss can be especially devastating on the younger members of your clan, as children become inseparably attached to the family pooch.

Tragedy struck Kahne’s family when their new puppy disappeared. The little Texan boy had become so attached to the animal that they spent all their time together, forming that unbreakable friendship that should have lasted for the rest of their lives. When Kahne’s parents decided it was time to adopt a family pet – it was Kahne who picked the puppy out and lovingly named him Kase.

Kase was allowed out to do his business one day, but instead of returning to home base, the pooch simply just vanished. A search party was hurriedly sent out to try and track him down, but there was no trace of the poor animal. A month went by, and then to make matters worse, the neighborhood was hit with a whiteout, and nearly two feet of snow covered the ground. The family feared the worst, convinced that Kase wasn’t going to survive in that on his own.

What they didn’t know, however, was that someone had already found Kale, and with the harsh conditions setting it, they had very kindly taken the pooch in to give him shelter from the storm. It was a neighbor who had come to the rescue – but the family had no knowledge of their kind act.

They still didn’t know where Kase lived, however, and it was just dumb luck and a chance meeting that brought him back to where he belonged. Paula, Kahne’s mother, happened to be stuck in traffic one day, held up behind a bus. When two girls stepped off at the next stop, Paula was astonished to see Kase bound up and greet them! She wasted little time in bringing Kase back to his real, forever home – and back to his best friend, Kahne.

We’ve all seen footage of the way dogs react when reunited with their owners, but this is one for when the owner is reunited with the dog. Kahne’s beautiful and heart-breaking reunion with his buddy will leave you in tears – a genuinely emotional moment you won’t forget. And go give your pet a massive hug from us too!