Young Boy Struggles With A Rare Disease, You Won’t Believe How He Reacted To A Horse!

Nothing brightens my day right up like inspiring stories of people who fought through the harshest conditions and challenges, and persevered all the way with a smile on their faces. Sometimes, not even small children are spared from going through hardship. Erez is a young boy of just 4 years of age, and he suffers from Williams Syndrome, a condition that causes deformity and heart problems.

He struggles really hard to communicate with other people, for obvious reasons. It’s hard keep a positive attitude when it’s so hard to do even the most basic human acts, but that doesn’t stop the little Erez. He’s a very lovely and affectionate boy, and he’s very dear with everyone who meets. But their parents sometimes worry about his reaction to new things, so they were concerned when he was going to meet his first big animal in person.

But the way Erez reacted to the beautiful horse shows that they didn’t have a reason to be worried. The cute video below shows us the moment when Erez meets a horse for the very first time, and it’s completely heart-melting. Videos like this one never fail to fill me with joy!

Watch this amazing horse moment for yourself in the video right below.

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