Young Boy Walks Into A Prison With A Dog – But Watch His Reaction When He Sees An Inmate

Asperger’s syndrome is a disorder, low in the autism spectrum, that prevents people suffering from it to lead a normal social life.  Autism is a hard disease to square with, kids are born with the disorder and there is no cure, the only way to tackle this is with a lot of patience, support and therapy.

Kids with Asperger’s, specifically, have a lot of trouble understanding basic social cues and relating to their peers.  Touching and verbal interaction can be an incredibly daunting task. Thankfully, there are several organizations with the goal of providing therapy for these disorder.

Zachary Tucker had a hard time getting along with other children.  After doing all they could, his parents, Arthur and Susy Tucker, turned to an unlikely source to help their son: an inmate.

The Tuckers sent their son to a Colorado prison where he’d work with a convicted murderer named Chris Vogt. In 1998, Vogt was charged with second-degree murder and given a 48-year sentence. Vogt is working with a program called Colorado Cell Dogs, which teaches inmates to train local shelter dogs to be service animals for the deaf and blind. Vogt, went the extra mile and  read books that also gave him the knowledge to train dogs for autistic children like Zachary.

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