Young Brett appeared to be a shy kid—until he gave a spot-on Michael Jackson impersonation

With an awe-inspiring performance set to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Brett Nichols blew away the crowd and had them screaming from the first note. The kid’s got talent. His act gelled with stellar results. He seemed to become Michael right before their eyes.

And his shyness was clearly a ruse. His expert moves made him come off like a seasoned pro, and the audience was spellbound by his performances. His choreography was perfect and especially magnificent given his age. Hang onto your hat when the perfectly costumed Nichols slides into Michael’s trademark moonwalk. Hundreds of thousands have watched the video and the number keeps growing.

Not only did Brett floor the audience but the judges as well. They gave him the first-place prize much to the delight of the crowd.

Brett’s debut performance at Pitman High School in Turlock, California, led to appearances on NBC, CNN and ABC’s The View. He also wound up going on the road with a Michael Jackson cover band.

Michael Jackson is gone, but he’ll never be forgotten with the likes of Brett Nichols around to keep the King of Pop’s spirit alive and kicking.

Brett’s song of choice, “Billie Jean,” is still an evergreen classic and it’s sure to remain so as long with performers like Brett around.

Certain moves in particular drew shouts and applause from the audience. They’re clearly in awe that their own shy classmate could walk out and bust a move in such an expert way. Even the faculty are amazed by his impersonation. Click below to see this astounding performance with your own eyes. You’ll be as blown away as the judges.